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Our diesel systems utilize a very sophisticated controller (ECU) that uses various engine inputs to monitor actual engine load, then calculate and to meters out precise amounts of gaseous fuel to the diesel engine. The specially designed software auto-calculates an initial fuel map based on the actual engine size in the vehicle, this allows the vehicle to be up and running minutes after the installation is complete and eliminates the lengthy road testing and tuning required with virtually all other systems currently available. The diesel system monitors engine conditions and driver throttle response and re-calculates the fuel map over 30 times per second, which not only ensures peak efficiency under all conditions but offers a safe operating condition for the engine by ensuring CNG is only injected when required. The diesel system reduces emissions, most significantly particulate matter, under all load conditions as well as at idle. This differs from other technologies that will only function while the engine is under moderate load, this makes the diesel system is ideal for use on school busses and public transit. It has its own on-board diagnostics, just like those OEM  computers, which allows for easy diagnostics should a problem occur. 



Providing service in 2 locations:

1421 N. Van Buren Street, Enid, OK  73703

1211  SE  29th Street,  OKC, OK 73129

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