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Pressure Regulator


  • The CNG pressure regulator reduces fuel pressure from 3600 psi down to a level in the range of 50-150 psi depending on particular features of the specific application

  • Engine coolant flows through an internal regulator jacket to maintain an even temperature and prevent freezing due to CNG expansion within the system.


Fuel Rails and Injectors


  • Injector/rail combinations are application specific in order to optimize performance and packaging.

  • Fuel rails are designed to include pressure and temperature sensors that enable precise fuel metering under the broadest range of operating conditions.

  • Natural gas flow mass is metered by the electronic fuel injectors according to the processed signals from either the engine or AFCM controller


CNG Fuel Filtration


  • Natural gas is gathered from a pipeline and travels to a connecting compressor station which elevates its pressure to a range from 2000 psi to 5000 psi before finally being ready for use in natural gas vehicles

  • Contaminants can enter into the gas at any stage of this processing

  • In addition to stationary filtration, on-board filtration is critical to ensure clean gas is available as a final product at the engine injectors


CNG Filling Receptacle


  • The LR USA filling receptacles make filling operations effortless

  • Stainless steel construction receptacles are designed to be leak-free al low and high pressure, whatever the temperature

  • An integrated check valve prevents gas flow when the fueling nozzle is disconnected

  • LR receptacles can be used with any nozzle complying with the NGV1/ISO 14469-1, 3 requirements


AFCM Bi-Fuel Module


  • The AFCM is the brain of the bi-fuel system, where fast and  precise calculations happen in a matter of milliseconds to ensure precise and reliable CNG fuel delivery.

  • The highest level of integration with the original engine and body control system is achieved through a fast link with the vehicle’s digital network.

  • LR USA system architecture, software and calibrations are designed to be compliant with Federal EPA regulations and meet the stringest (Strict) California On-Board (Sostantivo vuole il maiuscolo) diagnostic requirements.


CNG Storage


  • Whether it is steel or composite carbon fiber, LR USA storage solutions are engineered and packaged to meet the highest levels of safety and reliability set by regulatory and industry protocols.

  • CNG storage comes with integrated automatic solenoid valves, with single or double thermal safety and that avoid the need of gas tight housing.












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