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We are a State Certified CNG Conversion Technician Shop and offer products that are EPA and QMW approved for Ford, GM and Izusu.  We have many years of combined experience of technical expertise in the CNG conversion industry for gasoline and diesel engine 

Head to our Products page to see which compressor is right for you!  We have many different options to choose from!

Is natural gas for you personally or your fleet?



Cut your fuel cost 50-70% by converting your vehicles to CNG.



CNG Rebates, for the State of Oklahoma, have increased! These tax incentives and rebates can be yours. Call us today for estimates to convert your personal or work fleets to CNG.


CNG vehicles, bi-fuel and dedicated, with EPA certified kits, and cash rebates available!



Why add natural gas vehicles to your fleet?


Natural gas is gaining traction as an alternative fuel.  Natural gas is an abundant, domestic resource that is both cost effective and better for the environment.  Adding natural gas vehicles can also be a competitive advantage and help you benefit from significant tax relief.




  • Natural gas is as safe - or safer - than diesel
  • Reduces the need for frequent oil changes
  • It lowers your CO2 emissions by up to 60%
  • You can save up to 70% in fuel costs
  • Natural gas prices are not as volatile as diesel or gasoline
  • Compressed natural gas (CNG) produces fewer undesirable gases than Gasoline, Diesel fuel and Propane/LPG.  It is safer than other fuels in the event of a spill, because natural gas is lighter than air and disperses quickly when released.
  • In Oklahoma, CNG is 100% made in America
  • CNG helps to Diversify your Fleet
  • The price of CNG will stay stable for years to come

The State of Oklahoma gives Tax Credits on the cost of our CNG conversions. This means that whatever the cost of the CNG conversion is, you (your company) are eligible to get almost half the cost of the conversion back. Oklahoma has the best CNG incentives in the country!



Attention Honda Drivers!!!!



We rebuild Low AND High Pressure Regulators for most Hondas. Don't pay dealership prices! We charge $500.00 plus shipping for the Low and High stages, membrane only.  If additional parts are needed, additional charges will be applied.  Call us for more information at 405-677-5400 or come by and see us at 1211 SE 29th Street in Oklahoma City, OK,


1421 N. Van Buren Street in Enid, OK.

NOW Service Providers for IMPCO and Westport

Engine tuning is available for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ECM (Electronic Control Module). Tuning is used to increase performance for CNG vehicles. Vehicles operating CNG may be able to regain power loss, increase Miles Per Gallon and decrease fuel loss. Many options are available. Call for an estimate today.​


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Providing service in 2 locations:

1421 N. Van Buren Street, Enid, OK  73703

1211  SE  29th Street,  OKC, OK 73129

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